Unable to save? 1ST Home is the solution.
Tried all your options for finance? 1ST Home can help.

So, you want to buy your first home, but you haven’t been able to save enough money for the deposit?

Research has shown that you are not alone. Many Australians are unable to save a home loan deposit. Contributing factors are the rising cost of rent and rising costs of living.

1st Home Pty. Ltd. understands how important it is to own your home and create a better future for your family.

The 1st Home Team are committed to helping you achieve the first rung on the property ladder - particularly if you have the capacity to service a loan (i.e. have been paying rent), but have not been able to save for the deposit.

Most banks will typically lend only a portion of the purchase price of your new home. 1st Home Pty. Ltd. will assist you in obtaining 100% finance - for specific house and land packages in approved estates.*

So now you can stop paying rent and start enjoying your future.

*Approved applicants only