No Deposit No Worries


With 1st Home you can own your first home, without sacrificing your lifestyle to save for a deposit.

Find out how it all works

As a first home buyer, you will need a deposit of at least 5% before you can consider purchasing property. Some banks won’t even lend to you unless you have a deposit of 10% or more.

This is where 1st Home assists you by arranging the deposit for you! 1st Home Pty. Ltd. applies for the deposit for you as a registered 2nd loan and at a competitive interest rate.

With the deposit, you will no longer need a guarantor for your home loan and you are able to gain a competitive home loan through a bank.

Providing property expertise

Your loan will be applicable for a select range of house and land packages in residential estates throughout Australia.

1st Home Pty. Ltd. hold a large portfolio of house and land packages which have been assessed from a sound investment point of view.

This means that in addition to owning a home that meets your family’s lifestyle needs, your new home can assist with wealth creation in the future.

You will be matched with your new home based chiefly on your financial circumstances and location desires.

Understanding and expertise when the banks say ‘no’

Everyone is different, with their own financial circumstances and goals. 1st Home Pty. Ltd. have wide experience in the art of what’s possible and are able to help those clients with more challenging or complicated needs.

The professional Finance Consultants process many home loans every day and can provide you with the latest home loan options on offer.

The 1st Home Finance Consultants will also package and present your loan application to a financial institution in the most effective way, giving you the best possible chance of loan approval.

So whatever your circumstances, 1st Home can find the deal that best suits you.

The deal that’s best for you, not the banks

1st Home Pty. Ltd. are not tied to any particular bank, building society; or other lender and have no vested interest in recommending one product over another.

This means that they are not limited to offering you only one bank's loan products and actually have access to more than 650 different mortgage products. Plus, they will present the best deal for you, not the bank.

1st Home Pty. Ltd. is pleased to help everyday Australians achieve their home ownership dreams.