Be smart with your money. Stop paying rent and own now.


Now is a great time to become a home owner.

Due to the current economy, the banks have enforced strict lending policies. Add to this the rising cost of rent; electricity; and gas and most people think that now is not the right time to buy a home.

However, all these factors have led to a fantastic financial environment for people to own.

By purchasing your first home now, you can take advantage of the many financial benefits currently available to you:

  • State Governments are currently providing first home owners with a First Home Owner Grant (FHOG), making it significantly cheaper to purchase a brand new home*
  • Stamp Duty concessions from the Government for first home owners, also means it will cost you a lot less to purchase right now
  • Low interest rates on home loans make home ownership more affordable on an ongoing basis
  • Rising rent costs makes home ownership a lot more appealing and in some cases, cheaper than renting

With 1st Home Pty. Ltd. there is also no guarantor needed for your loan. Plus, you may be able to qualify for a home loan with one of the major banks at a competitive interest rate.

*The First Home Owner Grant varies for each state.